HyBeam Poplamp

The HyBeam Poplamp 2 Way Light

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Product Descriptions

The HyBeam Poplamp:

  • Ultra Bright - Genuine 1 watt CREE bulb puts off an intense 300 Lumens. Bright enough to light an entire room!
  • Hybrid Light Source - With a simple twist, the PopLamp transforms from an ultra compact LED torch into an incredibly bright and efficient lantern.
  • SOS Signal and Strobe - With the push of a button you can call for help with the international distress signal, and the eye catching strobe is designed to alert others where you are… Or even disorient a would be attacker.
  • Ultra Light and Compact - At just 4 ounces, this travel friendly design goes anywhere and everywhere you do so you’re never caught in the dark.
  • Weather Proof - Rain, sleet, or snow, the PopLamp will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it.

Tactical Folding Knife Plus FPA*: (Monthly subscription Commission on first month only)

A member’s report that gets sent to your doorstep each and every month. It includes the latest information on survival strategies, entertaining articles, “how-to” articles, and is basically a magazine/report on interesting things going on in the survival world over the past 30 days. As well as online archive and resource base.

Batteries For Life:

FREE Solar Energy to power all of your Survival Items so you won’t get left in the dark. Charges batteries quickly and effectively on all your most used batteries,charges universal AAA, AA , C and even D Batteries!!
Built in Stand for best angles, so getting maximum sun for charging is as easy as a kick-stand.

Easy to Read Charging Meter so you know exactly how well your batteries are charging Solar Panel. Your batteries stay charged! A special diode is used to block currents when there is no sun, so your batteries stay charged and won’t drain when you’re not looking.

Light Weight, and Easy to Carry, less than 12 ounces, so you wont be weighed down.



Email Swipe Copy

HyBeam Poplamp Email #1 +

Subject Line: [ACT NOW] Grab Your Free Portable Survival Lantern TODAY!

Dear Survivalist,

How would you like to test out one of our NEW pieces of emergency gear absolutely free?

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I've been experimenting with something a bit different than normal, and I need your feedback to make sure it’s up to snuff!

This new find is a weather resistant “pop up” lantern that is bright enough to light an entire room but tucks neatly away into any pack, pocket or drawer until you need it!

It's called the PopLamp...


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I'm not doing this out of the kindness of my heart though... These are right off the assembly line and I need your feedback on this tool.

That's it... You get the PopLamp FREE. Just let me know what you think, and you get to keep it, no strings attached!

Well... there is one HUGE catch. Quantity is limited and I only have so many to give out for testing, so if you want to get in on the ground floor and be a beta tester for my newest gear, you have to jump on this now...

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But, I only have 1000 of these to give away and there are over 1 million Survival Life readers… They are going to go FAST.

Remember, we're all in this together!

"Above Average" Joe

Survival Life Chief Editor

P.S. I don't want to waste your time, so if you don't feel like testing out FREE gear is for you, please forward it to someone that you think could help me out. But if you do want to get started, all you have to do is click the link below and we’ll have it shipped out to you in no time.

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HyBeam Poplamp Email #2 +

Subject Line: Where Do I Ship Your Survival Light?

Dear Survivalist,

This is your chance to get your hands on the hottest new emergency gear on the market... It’s called the PopLamp.

And I want to give it to you... FREE!

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Just in case you missed the email I sent yesterday, this is the PopLamp:







I first told everyone about this yesterday and I’m already running low on them..

So you need to HURRY, and grab your PopLamp before it’s too late.

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Remember, we're all in this together!

"Above Average" Joe

Survival Life Chief Editor

HyBeam Poplamp Email #3 +

Subject Line: [Order Update] Shipping Info Needed - Your Poplamp Is On Hold

Dear Survivalist,

The PopLamp is almost gone... If you didn’t catch my last couple of emails about this incredible survival light…

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This is an incredibly bright, all weather, double action light, and right now it's yours FREE, just cover shipping and handling… but if you want to grab one, you need to hurry.


Remember, we're all in this together!

"Above Average" Joe

Survival Life Chief Editor


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